Individual Portal

A portal customised to your needs with a large selection of add-ins to help you transition to a Digital Workplace

The individual solution is aimed at companies looking for a high level of customisation or particular solutions for specific requirements, combined with the benefits of tried-and-tested functions. Prior to implementing an "Individual" portal, we liaise with you to discover your specific requirements and preferences for your enterprise portal. We devise the implementation concepts and base these on tried-and-tested solutions by request to develop a customised enterprise portal with your input. If you want to add in functions at a later date, we always keep track of your roadmap to factor these in. 

The Halvotec "Individual" portal gives you an Intranet site that slots in to your Microsoft IT infrastructure, provides a professional solution for your requirements, reflects your company’s CI and delivers exceptional usability. This ensures that your Intranet site will be accepted and widely used by employees.

If you opt for the "Individual" portal, you can of course choose from our wide selection of add-ins to create a state-of-the-art Digital Workplace for your employees. This portal allows you to go beyond the boundaries of a traditional Intranet site to create a feature-rich digital workplace integrating functions like digital workflows to automate your business processes and comprehensive document management functions with DocuWheel. 

With an "Individual" portal, you can provide your employees with a central platform tailored to your particular requirements that can lead to greater productivity, innovation and efficiency in the workplace.

Halvotec Add-Ins

Instantly deployable function blocks for each SharePoint portal


Communicates additional services & employee discounts


Supports the publication of menu plans


Reduces internal communication effort


Facilitates and accelerates teamwork


Clear structuring of documents and data


Central publication of employee information


Get employee feedback quickly & anonymously


Playfully increases the knowledge of the employees


Creation and maintenance of contact directories


Informs employees about future events


Increases employee interaction in the portal


Share employee recommendations


Facilitates appealing portal design for editors


Designs and structures the SharePoint Portal


Reduces the effort involved in creating and maintaining links

Benefits of the Individual portal

Intranet & collaboration portal conceived in liaison with you and specially tailored to your requirements

Annual update for used add-ins

Licensing model does not depend on number of users

Extendable with additional functions at any future date on the path to create a Digital Workplace

Attractive interfaces in your corporate design

Customised support packages

Can be used on-premises and in Office 365

Auf Ihre Anforderungen angepasst Intranet- & Collaborationsportal

Jährlicher Updatebezug auf eingesetzte Add-Ins

Userunabhängiges Lizenzmodell

Nachträglich erweiterbar um zusätzliche Funktionen für Ihren digitalen Arbeitsplatz

Ansprechende Oberfläche in Ihrem Corporate Design

Individuelle Supportpakete

OnPremise und in Office 365 nutzbar

Extend your portal to a Digital Workplace

In addition to the Add-Ins, you can extend your intranet with intelligent functions for implementing a Digital Workplace in your company.

Document Management

Digital Workflows


Project course

Your way to your individual intranet and Digital Workplace with Halvotec

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